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Jesuit Schools Host the MSA Awareness Shoe!

In keeping with the Jesuit philosophy to advocate for people who are most vulnerable, the Jesuit schools unite with other institutions across the United States and the world – to help raise awareness about Multiple System Atrophy by hosting the MSA Awareness Shoe. We remember all those that have died due to MSA and we pray for them and their families.

Here are a few snapshots of the MSA Awareness Shoe’s visits to Jesuit sponsored institutions in the recent past:

Georgetown graduate students currently working on new MSA related research host the MSA Awareness Shoe in their lab at Georgetown’s School of Medicine.

The Shoe stops for a rest in front of Healy Hall at Georgetown University.

The Jesuits prayed for all those with MSA…

The MSA Awareness Shoe stops to honor all those graduates of Jesuit schools that have succumbed to Multiple System Atrophy (RIP).

At home with everyone who cares about those who suffer from Multiple System Atrophy – Georgetown research students.

Oops, let’s not stay here too long – ACID!

Stopped to pray outside Healy Hall at Georgetown University. The building was named for Patrick John Healy, S.J., the first African- American to become a Jesuit priest and the president of Georgetown following the American Civil War. Father Healy, please intercede for all those who suffer from MSA!

Oh, look what we have here!

Awaiting business class to begin at University of Detroit Mercy!

Impressive seal at Georgetown!

Ahhhh, time for a rest!

Jesus, we trust in you! – Help All Those with MSA!

In Good Company – The UDM Titans!

Always the Life of the Party! With Residents and Physicians at the Med School

Now, how do I get down from here! With the UDM Titans!

The Philosophers at St Joe – Happy to Pose with the Globetrotting MSA Shoe! – Philadelphia’s Jesuit University.

At the foot of the cross, we pray for an end to MSA!

Father Kevin O’Brien, SJ VP of Mission, Georgetown University

Saint Ignatius of Loyola – Please Intercede for All Those with MSA! – VP of Mission at UDM, Father John Staudenmaier, S.J.

Father Justin J Kelly, S.J. and the MSA Shoe at the Jesuit Community Chapel at UDM.

With Father Kevin Gillepsie, S.J. – President of Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

At the Holy Water Font, Loyola Chapel, Georgetown

At the foot of Bishop John Carroll, first bishop of the United States…

Have Suitcase, Will Travel! Where next? — USF? SLU? Regis? Seattle University?

Inaugural Art and MSA Exhibit: “Painting with MSA” By Rey Umali

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Major Art Opening in St Louis

“Painting with MSA” – The Art of Rey Umali

Please join us at Saint Louis’  MAD ART GALLERY  on September 1, 7pm-10pm (CST)!

Please help a good cause while enjoying a wonderful evening of art and camaraderie!

See Rey Umali’s Art Exhibit Preview –

MadArt is at 2727 S 12th St, St Louis, MO 63118

MSA Shoe Launches Photo Collage with MSA Patients on Facebook!

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Working off the viral internet sensation about the color of the dress, the MSA Shoe posts a collage with MSA patients – illustrating how important the fight against MSA is compared to such trivial happenings today!

So far, the photo collage has had a remarkable impact.  It has already been seen by 30,000 people and shared by 278 people!  Let’s Keep The Shoe Moving for MSA!



Our Shoe Announces Donor Gifts – KICK MSA TEES!

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Please see the donate page for a choice of three kinds of KICK MSA t-shirts!  And now, donations can be made directly on our site, efficient and secure!  No PayPal Required!! Please visit the donate page and get your FREE t-shirt!

Together, we can and WILL DEFEAT MSA!


New Angels

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Please read about the courageous lives of those who have passed away due to MSA in our recent posts on the MSA Angels page:  Jim Martindale, Dennis Ray Jakeway, Rick Stevens, Randall Sudduth and Racine Burton Phillips.

Together with the help of our angels, we can and will DEFEAT MSA!

Philip Fortier

Director, Defeat MSA Awareness Shoe